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The Game:

It's a two player dunking competition and it's sort of broken!

Left player tries to get the orange square ball to touch the orange rectangle  hoop.  It only counts if you hit the hoop from the top just like in real life basketball!

Right player tries to hit the ball with their arm to knock the ball away.

Sides switch after three rounds, game ends when one player scores 4 points. 

Fun new features: 

There's a shot clock now!  Try not to score between "time's up" appearing on screen and the next round starting because that 100% always breaks the game real bad!

There is a super basic court change system! It just cycles through three of them in order for now and they're not very interesting! 


Blue player uses S and D keys.  S and D also control the mode menu, with Q  selecting an option because I can't figure out how to get Unity to recognize the Enter key!

Red player uses K and L keys

Offensive: S / K jumps straight up, D / L in the air dives forward, D / L on the ground does a short hop backwards

Defense: S / K also jumps straight up, S / K in the air dives backward, D / L on the ground jumps forward, D / L in the air fast falls straight down

It breaks sometimes:

seriously don't score between the shot clock running out and the next round starting

also sometimes one of the players just stops working and I don't know why!

but there is so much structure!

Play in windowed mode because full screen cuts the top off currently.

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Published 7 days ago
StatusIn development


CoolDunkPartyStructure.zip (13 MB)

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